Have you started yet?

Thinking about Christmas? I know it still feels like the celebrations are long way away, but Christmas still manages to catch people by surprise. When I wrote the date today, 28 September and thought ‘Whoa! It’s nearly October!’ it feels like December will be here in about a week and a half at the rate this year is rattling past.

Every Monday from now until December I’ll be posting a blog on things to think about, plan, and (most importantly) do as you rev up for the festivities. Starting early will help you keep expenses down, the present list under control and your blood pressure at a sensible level.

This week I want you to find a notebook, this will become your Rough Guide to all things festive. It doesn’t need to be too fancy or too big, you want a book you can easily carry with you when you’re shopping. I’m using a Moleskine Cahier, A5 size, squared pages as I also use that style for my day-to-day journal/diary too.

Also this week, find a designated spot for the notebook and a pen; be it on the bench by the kettle, by your bedside, on top of the microwave – it is where the book will live so it is in one place for the next four months. Whenever you’ve finished writing in it, put it back there. When you’ve taken it out shopping (maybe for a coffee too if it’s behaved itself), put it back in the same place again when you get back home. Trust me on this, please. Having one spot for something to live in, really does make it easier on you.

We’ll start putting things in the notebook next week, let’s just get the book first. All these posts will be in the YOUR FAMILY category, and tagged ‘Christmas’ if you want to find them later on.


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