Christmas prep – 2

Have you got your notebook ready? I want you to start filling in some pages now. The front of the book will be your diary and final to-do lists, the back of the book will be notes so you don’t forget anything.

Leave the first page of your notebook blank, (later if you want to decorate it with festive frivolities, feel free). Open the book to the next two blank pages and head the left-hand page October, right-hand November and writing down the page: 1 M, 2 T, 3 W, 4 T and so on – making a simple day a line diary with dates and days of the week. Repeat for November and December.

This will be your catch-all section for dates and must-do’s. Family get-togethers, shopping expeditions, cleaning, posting dates for overseas parcels and cards, everything you can think of that has a date attached to it, jot it down on these pages. While you’re doing this, check on postal dates for overseas…

Next start splitting the following pages up into weekly tasks:

This will be your section to enable you to plan your weeks out in greater detail. You will need to transfer any appointments into these weekly actions, but keeping the front of your notebook current will make this easy. As we head towards the big days, we’ll also have a day to a page so you can plot out in greater detail.

Starting at the back of the book, keep the back two or three pages clear for scribbled notes on the run, then write heading on each blank page for each section of things you want to remember, for example:

  • Savings and budget
  • Present list – just WHO, not what at this stage
  • Decorations list
  • Who is visiting who this year, (who do you need to catch up with, who do you want to catch up with)
  • Children’s wish list – with clothing sizes for children, handy if you get asked how big is Johnny or Jessica. Make a note so you don’t have to remember to look up their sizes or what they’ve been badgering you for
  • Food list
  • Cleaning list

This week, get your notebook ready to use, remember to put it back in the same place every time you come home. Every Monday, we’ll build on your lists and work towards meeting Christmas morning with a smile on our faces.


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